Many organizations struggle with their needs, gaps and challenges. They do not know how to move forward in an effective way. Individuals in the organization may feel left behind, disengaged or afraid.

Quite simply, we change all that.  We work with organizations to help them identify what they need. Then we design strength-based programs and implement effective evaluation that demonstrates the return on the investment you put into your programs. We empower people to learn how to stop focussing on needs and gaps and start focusing on strengths and solutions.

Most importantly, we create programs that keep participants engaged. This, in turn, creates lasting change in how they do things. If it doesn’t keep people interested, we don’t do it.

How do we do this? We start with a solid foundation in adult education and strength-based organizational principles. Then, we incorporate 21st century techniques and technologies to ensure participants stay focused, engaged and challenged. Finally, we show individuals and organizations how to leverage their strengths to achieve objectives.

Consulting services

  • Learning and training needs assessments
  • Establishment of training baselines
  • Development of evaluation metrics and measurements
  • Program evaluation and success measurement
  • Community development
  • Training audits
  • Strategic plans

Knowledge Transfer and Training

  • Learning system design
  • Program development
  • Program delivery
  • Webinars and e-learning solutions
  • Facilitated workshops and seminars


  • Literature reviews
  • Environmental scans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Position papers
  • Needs analyses
  • Logic models

Keynotes / Presentations

  • 21st century trends in training and development
  • How to make learning effective
  • Strength-based training and leadership