Creating Space for Strength: An Asset-Based Community Development and Research Project for Calgary’s North Central Communities

Creating space for strength - graphicIn October of 2012, Eaton International Consulting was contracted to undertake a 6-month community development project in Calgary’s North Central Communities. This project focuses on community spaces, services and programs in Calgary’s North Central neighborhoods. Our goals are to:

  • identify community strengths and assets
  • understand what the community wants and needs
  • figure out what will strengthen the community even more
  • develop an action plan to move forward

The activities included in the project include:

  • Collecting Calgary neighborhood information and data
  • Interviewing community residents
  • Hosting public community conversations

 We want to learn what matters to citizens of North Central Calgary and why. The communities included in our study are:

  • Harvest Hills
  • Coventry Hills
  • Country Hills
  • Country Hills Village
  • Panorama Hills
  • Evanston / Creekside
  • Hidden Valley
  • MacEwan
  • Sandstone

Project Origins – Calgary Northern Hills Constituency Office

Project Funders – Government of Alberta (CFEP Grant); United Way Calgary and Area; Aspen Family and Community Network SocietyNorthern Hills Community Association

Project SupportersCalgary Northern Hills Constituency Office; City of Calgary; Aspen Family and Community Network Society; Northern Hills Community AssociationUnited Way Calgary and Area

We have three consultants working on this project:

Materials and Reports Available for Download

The project funders have generously allowed us to make a number of key reports available to the public to help others understand more about this project and community development in North Central Calgary.

Creating Space for Strength – SPRY in the Hills Seniors’ report

Creating Space for Strength – Survey of Spaces and Services – Deliverable #2

Informational webinar

Check out our webinar that highlights the key objectives of the project, as well as our community development philosophy, assessment methods and approach. This video offers a broad overview of the project, its key players and what we intended to accomplish. (Running time: 44:34)

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