Our approach

Eaton International Consulting - ProcessGoals

Eaton International Consulting Inc. focuses on these key business objectives:

  • Recommends tools and strategies to create effective training solutions for our clients.
  • Helps clients create shifts in thinking that result in positive, long-term results.
  • Seeks to be a leader in strength-based leadership for organizations.
  • Seeks to be a leader in generating cutting-edge sustainable processes to ensure future productivity, social benefit and financial success.
  • Designs, develops and deploys effective programs to increase stakeholder and employee engagement.


Our work is informed by the latest research, but focused on achieving real world results. We excel at explaining outcomes and processes in clear, plain language. We use practical tools and effective strategies to help you reach your goals. We move theories about effective training into the hearts and minds of your people, teaching them how to leverage their strengths to advance the organization.

Lifelong Learning

We are continuously upgrading their training. We high levels of formal post-secondary education with accredited institutions. Each member of our team continually learns through professional development programs, reading and research.

Business Philosophy

When we focus on strengths, we position ourselves for success. It is our job to help our clients uncover their strengths and then show them how to leverage those strengths in order to achieve results.

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