Book release (Onate Press): “We Are Family”

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Canadian author, Sarah Elaine Eaton, shares a deeply personal story of her successful search and reunion with her birth brother.

We Are Family: A Heartwarming Story of a Successful Adoption Reunion weaves together the range of emotions, the process the family went through to confirm the match was authentic and how the face-to-face reunion unfolded. Eaton describes how she undertook an Internet-based adoption search, how she was informed by volunteers at a non-profit adoption search organization that a match had been found and how she and her family were reunited with Bryce, who had been given  up for adoption at birth.

This riveting story about adoption and family, readers are left inspired and hopeful. In the final pages, she shares how the family lost their mother to cancer in the same year as the reunion. She died having fulfilled her last wish, which was to know that the son she had given up for adoption decades earlier was happy and healthy. Emotional and at times, tragic, the story concludes on a positive note, with a nod towards the future and the next generation.

The story spans two Canadian provinces, Ontario and Alberta. The author describes how the distance separating the family members affected both the search and the reunion.

This is Eaton’s fourth book. She resides in Calgary, Alberta and works as an educator, author and professional speaker.

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